We are absolutely confident that considering all the fuzz and the chaos in our modern lives, there simply must be some place where a man can go to, sit for a nice small talk with other men, and get their facial and head hair taken care of.

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We are located at:

3310 E 51st St.

Tulsa, OK 74135

Call Us 918-747-0236


Country Club Barbering. is a classic upscale barbershop. We offer a variety of services, catering to everyone. Country Club Barbering is a gentleman’s shop, reminiscent of the classic barbershop. We are striving to bring the memories back, with solely the clientele in mind. People pay for quality – Country Club Barbering is where you will get it.

We are barbers who love our craft, providing top notch service that helps men Stay Sharp.

Call Us 918-747-0236


Call Us 918-747-0236